Turtle Room (Nursery)

Welcome to our Turtle Room (Nursery)

We are aged between Birth and 2 years of age. We are just starting to learn about ourselves and the world around us. We focus a lot on learning through our senses – feeling textures, hearing sounds, seeing things, and smelling and tasting new things for the very first time. Our educators specialise in our age group and our particular needs and those of our parents, who are often experience childcare for the first time. 

Please come and join us in the exciting world of exploring and adventure!

What To Bring


  • A bag or port
  • A healthy morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea (including fruit for morning tea). View our Healthy Lunch box ideas
  • A plastic lunchbox
  • Bottles if required
  • Water bottle/Sipper cup for drinking water
  • Nappies
  • Nappy rash cream (with Chemist Label)
  • Teething gel/Panadol/Nurofen (if necessary) – (with Chemist Label)
  • Spare clothes and under clothing
  • A sun safe bucket hat – a MUST for outdoor play! Can be your free Mother Kate’s ELC hat or another favourite hat from home
  • Dummies (with a named cover/container)
  • Wipes

Mother Kate’s provides all Linen in the Nursery.