Starfish Room (Toddlers)

Welcome to our Starfish Room (Toddlers)

Hello! We are very curious toddlers and we play and learn in the Starfish Room. We are aged between 15mths and 3 years old and we love to learn by experimenting. We are starting to develop our social skills and are beginning to learn to interact and make friends and gain valuable life skills, like taking turns, sharing, and being compassionate towards others. We are having fun developing our language skills and would love you to drop in and sing and dance with us some time.

What To Bring


For the Starfish (Toddler Room), we require that you pack the following for your child each day:

  • A bag or port
  • A healthy morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea (including fruit for morning tea). View our Healthy Lunchbox ideas
  • A plastic lunchbox
  • Water bottle for drinking water
  • Nappies or pull-ups if toilet training OR if toilet training at least 6 pairs of training pants/undies/clothing
  • Spare set of clothing
  • A sun safe bucket hat – a MUST for outdoor play! Can be your free Mother Kate’s ELC hat or another favourite hat from home 
  • Cot size sheet/s in a named bag – e.g. Pillowcase or swag
  • Wipes if not fully toilet trained
  • Nappy rash cream (with chemist label)
  • Teething gel/panadol/nurofen (if necessary – with chemist label)