Our Kindergarten Program

Dreamtimes Childcare has been approved for Government Approved quality kindergarten program and believes that this is the foundation of early childhood education and prepares children for school. We have been assessed and certified by the Queensland Government to ensure that all Dreamtimes children receive a consistent, quality education and are ready for the transition to formal schooling.

Dreamtimes Childcare’s approved kindergarten program develops your child’s physical, social, intellectual, language and emotional abilities.

Your child will take part in individual and group activities such as block play, painting, games, puzzles, storytelling, dress-ups, dancing and singing.

Children can take part in outdoor physical activities and interact with the natural environment.

All approved kindergarten programs are based on the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline and is taught by a University Qualified Early Childhood Teacher.

At the end of the kindergarten year we will provide you with a summary of your child’s learning and development. You can use this transitional statement as a discussion starter when you meet your child’s Prep teacher.

During the kindergarten year, our teachers will share information in many ways about how your child is progressing